Aim & Objectives

*To develop skills, keeping in mind emerging occupations and changing nature of work as a result of technological changes and workplace processes, to enhanced employment - self employment potential of the youth.

*To supply skilled manpower to Industries as per their need.

*To develop employment-self employment oriented Vocational skills among illiterates, school dropouts, workers in unorganized sector, candidates registered in employment exchanges, self help groups irrespective of their age and educational background, to make them self reliant.

*To make the Institutions more responsive and proactive, with regard to the kind of suggestions and recommendations made by the Industries, to develop constructive partnership between Industry and Institute.

*To offer training for the various high end and low end activities in the Industry base sector and Service sectors.

*To restructure operation of Vocational Training to enhance the quality, utility and effectiveness in the context of changing technologies and requirements in the labour market.

*To reduce the burden of unemployment.