Infastructure Details

a. Details of Land & Building at the Institute:

1.Space and Electricity Requirement

Sl.NoDetailsArea & NameVeiw To Documents
1Total Land area available for the institute as indicated in registration paper/relevant documents.20234.00 sq. mt (Click here to view)
2Whether own or rented building {enclose proof of ownership/ lease deed/ rent agreement Own (Click here to view)
3Date of occupationN.A-
4Duration of Lease/ rent agreementN.A-
5Date of expiry of lease/ rent agreement:N.A-
6Site plan and lay-out of the entire institute(upload)Attached (Click here to view)
7Name of ArchitectureMr Apu Ray(Click here to view)
8Registration Number of Architect (upload copy building layout duly signed by Architect)15335

b. Area available in the Workshops (For details please refer Annexure G2):

Name of the Trade/ModuleMaximum no. Of units in one shift onlyWORKSHOPVeiw 
Required as per NCVT norms (Sq.M)Actually available (Sq. M)(Click here)
Plumber164.00sq.mtr64.27 sq. mtr(Click here)
Electrician197.60 sq.mtr128.54 sq. Mtr(Click here)
Air Condition & Refrigeration180.00 sq. mtr128.54 sq. mtr(Click here)

c. POWER SUPPLY (For Details please refer Annex G 3):

Sl.NoDetailsMeter No. & Other info.RemarksVeiw
1Electrical connection issued in the name ofSecretary, Ramakrishna Mission,Viveknagar,Tripura(W)

(Click here to view)
2Electrical Connection issuing authorityTripura State Electricity Corporation Ltd.(A Govt. of Tripura Enterprise)
3Date of connection31/12/2007
4Whether three phase connectionThree phase four wire connection
5K. No of the connection2081010120065509662
6Meter Seal No.0210950, 0210940
7Trade (Existing)Not Applicable
Trade (New)Maximum no. If units in one shiftPower supply required as per norms in kW
Electrician15.20 KW
Plumber12.60 KW
Air Condition & Refrigeration16.82 KW
Total Electrical Load14.62 KW
Power supply available in the Institute in KW87.60 KW