Achievements of our trainees in the Ist semester of AITT Exam.(Trade Wise Toppers)


Sl.No Name of the trainees   % agePositionRemarks
1Rakesh Sarkar 73.57%1st-
2Pranay Saha72.29% 2nd-
3Bibek Ghosh 68.57%3rd-

Mechanic R &AC

Sl.No Name of the trainees   % agePositionRemarks
1Tapan Debnath 77.86%1st-
2Susanta Datta77.71% 2nd-
3Avneet Sarkar 76.86%3rd-


Sl.No Name of the trainees   % agePositionRemarks
1Ashish Das 78.00%1st-
2Prasenjit Barman77.86% 2nd-
3Rajib Sahu 76.71%3rd-

Trainees who have Passed Electrical Supervisor Cecrtificate Examination:

Sl.No Name of the students   TradeRemarks
1Utpal Majumder Ecectrician-
2Kishan DebnathElectrician -
3Sourav Gon Chowdhury Electrician-
4Amar Das Ecectrician-
5Pijush DasElectrician -
6Prasenjit Chowdhury Electrician-
7Prasenjit NamaElectrician -
8Rajib Das Electrician-
9Animesh RoyElectrician -
10Jayanta Dey Electrician-
11Biplab DasElectrician -
12Rajib Deb Electrician-
13Sankar DasElectrician -
14Thakurchand Rudrapaul Electrician-
15Sushanta DebnathElectrician -
16Prantosh Bardhan Electrician-
17Utpal DasElectrician -

Achivements of the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs of ITI:

Sl.No Name of the Staffs   CategoryRemarks
1Mr. Abhijit kr.Paul InstructorWinner of Teaching Excellence Award 2017
2Mr.Srijon Chatterjee Sr.Instructor(MRAC) CITS entrance 1st ranker in all over India
3Mr.Narayan Debbarma Sr.Instructor(Plumber)CITS entrance 2nd ranker in all over India
4Mr.Shubhankar Nandi Sr.Instructor(MRAC)CITS entrance 5th ranker in all over India