Trade -Plumber

Duration: 1 Year(2 Semesters).

Skills acquired: A trainee shall be able to lay out and install different types of pipes for water supply and drainage, sanitary fittings like wash basin, shower, sink, water closet, urinals using waste and soldering, brazing, gas welding, carpentry and masonry work related to plumbing. Repairing, cleaning and maintenance of valves, cocks and plumbing fixtures. Installation of copper pipes for water, oil and gas. Installation, repairing and maintenance of pumps. Design and construction of chamber and septic tank. Estimation of materials requirement and its cost of plumbing.

Options for employment are: Plumber in Government departments/PWD, Star hotels, Industries etc. Pump Operator, Plumbing Supervisor, and Pipe Fitter in ship industries and oil refineries.

Options for self-employment are: Plumbing contract for domestic and industries. Establish Hardware shop. Maintenance contracts of domestic lines and industrials lines