Refrigeration and Air Conditioning(RAC)

Trade- Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Duration: 2 Years(4 Semesters).

Skills acquired:Testing, repair, overhaul and calibration of various Refrigeration and Air conditioning systems, Installation, assembly & repairs of refrigeration and air conditioning plant. Manufacturing technique of deep freezer, bottle coolers, water coolers, and air conditioners. Gas charging, fabrication work, preventive maintenance of refrigeration system. Installation service and repair of car air conditioning. Trouble shooting and overhaul of compressor plant setup and operation.

Options for employment are:Work as Refrigeration and A/c Technician in Industries and factory- like Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, and Beverage plants

Manufacturing units: Godreg, L.G., Blue Star, Voltas.

Manufacturing units: Godreg, L.G., Blue Star, Voltas.

Defence services: as Plant operator/Mechanic.

Options for self-employment are :The trainee can set up his own S.S.I. unit - For Deep freezer, Bottle cooler, water cooler.

Repairing workshop: Refrigerator and a/c equipment. Ice manufacturing unit. Cold storage on rental basis. Ice cream/ cold drink house. Bottle filling plant.